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Art and Pattern Construction

By the aid of our 3D printer, first layouts can be realized that due to their complexity, cannot be produced by common mechanical processes. Relief cuttings, filigree structures, fine surfaces or sophisticated ornaments – there is no limit to variations in the execution.

Your creative ideas are always welcome – our team in Ennepetal gives you all consulting support from first layout to surface finishing.

  • Artwork
  • Figurines
  • Reconstructions

3D Modell eines Dinosaurierskeletts

Die Rekonstruktion dieses fossilen Lebewesens ist durch das 3D-Druckverfahren innerhalb weniger Stunden möglich. Die filigranen Konchen des Skeletts werden detailliert und maßstabsgetreu abgebildet. Anschließend kann das Modell in beliebiger Farbe lackiert werden.



A shining game

A first layout is converted into 3D-CAD data by which the printer establishes the plastic pattern of a chess board. In alternative, the pattern can also be chosen as lost pattern for investment casting, should the design be planned to be realized in special steel casting.

After printing, the plastic patterns are treated according to the designer’s requirements. For the plastic version, the patterns are afterwards hardened by the special S + B interbouding process and finally covered by the requested color. Should the design be planned to be cast in special steel, the printed elements can be used as lost patterns in the rapid casting procedure. 

A shining game – the chess. The chess board, cast in special steel casting, looks like being frozen in an undulated movement while the pieces seem to dance like boats on the sea.