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3D Casting

Our 3D printing technology produces complex elements with a good surface quality and dimensional accuracy. Thanks to the good burn-out characteristics, these 3 D patterns are best qualified for investment casting.

We are specialized on:

  • individual parts
  • small series
  • prototypes

Advantage of patterns in synthetic material:

  • high complex variability: either for relief cuttings or complex structures
  • large dimensions: element size up to 1.060 x 600 x 500 mm
  • patterns shrink during casting: no forming of cracks in the ceramic shell, even for thinner ceramic layers
  • simple machining: like a wax pattern
  • casting: high surface quality – residual ash content of a PMMA pattern nearly reaches level “zero”
  • Conform to details and dimensions: with a layer level of 150 µm and a printing definition of 600 dpi, even filigree details come up
  • surface refining again increases the already low layers of 150 µm
  • economic: efficient production of elements for function tests, design models or investment casting patterns
  • geometry modifications: possible by new CAD data at any point of development
  • high resistance, as the specially developed S + B interbounding procedure achieves high resistances



Feingussmodelle aus dem 3D-Drucker